Chameleon Tour Final - Important Notice

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[Chameleon Tour Final Important Announcement] 

LAND, Inc on behalf of End of the World, had to make a very unfortunate decision to postpone the Chameleon Tour Final show at Brooklyn Steel.

Due to a delay in obtaining visas under the current circumstances and difficulties beyond our control, we have came to a conclusion that it was difficult to move forward with the show within the planned timeline.

The show is aimed to be rescheduled for a date sometime during the first half of 2022.

◎Purchased Tickets

Those who purchased the tickets regardless the tickets type (VIP/General/Livestream) are entitled to choose between :

① Ticket Keep(Refundable)

By filling the request form that was sent to each customer, you may keep the current ticket without losing any of the current privileges, and use it for the rescheduled show that will be announced on a later date. When the date is announced, you would have the opportunity to reconfirm your availability, and are entitled for a refund if you decide not to attend at that time (only applies to customers who filled the request form).

② Gift Card Exchange(w/ Special Postcards)

You may choose to exchange your ticket for a gift card of equal value that you can use to shop at the End of the World Official Shop & Merch. Customers who choose this option will receive a limited edition 4 pc Postcard set of the Band as a token of appreciation for your support in this difficult time (see picture below).

③ Refund

You may choose to get a refund at the time being and will be refunded the full amount of the ticket value. 

※ Gift Card Exchange / Refund will be made solely based on ticket value. Shipping fee of $5 and $10 is NOT exchangeable / refundable due to the already shipped keychains, which is yours to keep even if you decide to give up your ticket.
※ Customers who chose Gift Card Exchange will receive an email with their gift card code, normally 1 week after the request was made.
※ Refund will be made to the original payment method selected at the time of purchase, normally 3~6 weeks after the request was made.
※ Depending on the card and the financial institutions, it may take a while for the refund to show on your statement / to be transferred to your account.
※ A refund via bank transfer is also available only when the above can't be made due to any reasons.

■How to keep / exchange / refund your ticket

On October 1st, we have sent all customers who purchased from our site with instructions on how to request a Keep / Exchange / Refund.

If you haven't received any email from us, please kindly check your spam folders for an email from us. Otherwise, you can contact us at and we would be happy to assist you.


[Chameleon Tour Final 公演延期について] 

いつもEnd of the Worldを応援していただき誠にありがとうございます。

この度、昨今の状況下によりビザ取得の遅延をはじめ、様々な困難が生じた為、主催者で協議を重ねた結果2021年9月12日に開催を予定しておりました「Chameleon Tour Final」 の公演を延期する事といたしました。




① チケットキープ(後日払戻し可能)


② ギフトカードへ交換(特典付き)

ご来場又はライブ配信ご視聴を一度取りやめる方には、End of the World Official Shop での買い物にご利用頂ける、チケットと同額分のギフトカードへ交換を受け付けさせていただきます。こちらのオプションをご選択頂いたお客様のみ、4枚セットのメンバー写真入りポストカードをお送り致します。



※ ギフトカード交換又は払い戻し金額は、チケットのみの金額となっております。特典キーホルダー発送の際に生じた送料に関しましては、交換・払い戻し対象外となっておりますので、ご了承ください。尚、払い戻しの場合でも、キーホルダーはそのままご使用頂けます。
※ ギフトカードへ交換をご選択頂いたお客様には、受付より1週間後にギフトコードが入ったメールをお送り致します。
※ 払戻しは、申し込みご回答頂いてから順次対応する予定となり、原則3〜6週間を目安に払戻しを実施致します。チケットご購入時にご使用頂いた決済方法に払い戻し致します。
※ ご使用頂いたカードの種類/発行金融機関によって、カード締め日が異なるため、口座に振り込まれるまで(明細に反映されるまで)に時間がかかる場合がございます。



上記のメールをご受信されていないお客様は、大変恐れ入りますが一度迷惑フォルダーをご確認頂けますようお願い致します。届いてない場合は、弊社のカスタマーサポート までご連絡ください。