EOTW x MARVEL "Stargazer" Special TEE
EOTW x MARVEL "Stargazer" Special TEE

EOTW x MARVEL "Stargazer" Special TEE

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End of the World is the very first musician to be granted superpowers and also simultaneously appears in a custom Marvel comic.

In celebration of this launch, these  limited edition “Stargazer” design T-shirts will be available for limited supply.

You can also purchase the custom bundle of comic and vinyl records here.

Find out about the story of End of the World, their characters and superpowers on this exclusive custom comic “End of the World” and watch the Youtube original documentary RE:imagine here 


(ご注意: こちらの商品は、4月頃に順次出荷される予定となっております)

カスタムマーベルコミックに登場する初のミュージシャンとしてEnd of the Worldが登場しました!